About Me

My name is Chaim Dauermann. I was 17 years old when I decided that it might be a good idea to become a bartender. I was with a friend, and a Playboy Bartender’s Guide, and a sparsely-populated liquor cabinet belonging to a parent who was fortunately on vacation. With the help of all three, I made my first Sidecar. My first cocktail. My first anything. And I’d wanted to make more. And I had heard bartenders made great money. And it seemed far more glamorous than washing dogs. (For $5.15 an hour, I washed a dog every 15 minutes.) Five years later, in New York City, I found out that I was right: It was more glamorous. It paid better. (And damn did it smell better. Most of the time.)

Now my friend is a dog trainer. And I tend bar. Life is funny like that.

Find me at Demi Monde, in Manhattan’s Financial District, and Gin Palace, in the East Village.


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